This intensive one-year residential program is designed to establish the Disciple on a solid foundation in every area of life. We believe this is done through:

      Bible based counsel
      Bible teaching and personal study
      Prayer and private devotions
      Church and related activities
      Practical instruction for daily living and life-skills
      Serving our community
      Fellowship and Recreation

 The daily routine follows a set schedule of morning prayer, Bible study and instruction, chores, cleaning and related activities. Afternoons are set aside for various work details, within the building or other buildings and facilities operated by the ministry. We also reach out in to the local community and serve and help in whatever way possible. We strongly believe in a work and study ethic that fosters loyalty, accountability, integrity and credibility.

 Recreation is a vital part of our life experience, and the local area is a wonderful place for fun and fellowship.
 God is interested in making us whole - Spirit, Soul and Body.
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