Spokane Dream Center was originally named Foundation Ministries and was founded in October 1984 by David & Alice Darroch.

 Between 1984 and 1991, we were very active in local churches while at the same time holding a weekly Bible study in our home. It was during this time that the Lord opened the doors to Jail, Prison and Drug Rehab ministry.

In 1991, as ministry increased, the Lord led us to find our own facility in which to hold services, and to combine the various outreach ministries under one roof. Other outreaches and ministries were added, including, for a time separate Boy’s and Girl’s Homes for troubled teenagers. Currently these are not in operation, but the vision is still alive!

 In 2003, a number of buildings were given for the use of the ministry. One became home to our Men’s Discipleship program, another our Youth Center for youth services, and another our Ministry Resource Center where we give away food, clothing, love and prayer. In October 2005 we started a Women’s Discipleship program in a home that was loaned to us for a time before it was sold. In March 2009 we moved the Resource Center into our main facility on Pines Road and were also given a large 5 bedroom home in downtown Spokane that has become our Women's Discipleship facility.

 Because of a similar burden and vision, and our desire to see the broken hearts and lives of children and adults restored and being able to ‘Dream Again’ we contacted the leadership of Los Angeles Dream Center regarding a name change for our ministry. They were very encouraging, and so in January 2003 our name was changed from Foundation Ministries to Spokane Dream Center, all to the glory of God.
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