Spokane Dream Center exists to reach the youth that God has placed in our path with the message that God knows the plans He has for their lives, and that they are plans for welfare and peace, and not for evil, to give them hope and a future.

We believe that each person is endowed by their Creator with a destiny and purpose that is specific to them and uniquely their own. We believe that God dreamed great dreams over each and every life that He created and that no matter what, His vision remains the same. Far too many lives in this generation have had their dreams stolen by the circumstances of life; by the wrongful actions of others and by their own bad decisions and we have seen far too many kids simply trade their destiny for something less...for a counterfeit. This generation of young people will soon not be young anymore, but will be the leaders of our nation and our culture. To many people things may appear to be falling apart and it may seem that our nation is coming to a point of judgement and destruction, we believe that God's plan is still for a hope and a future! We must simply choose it! So we are raising up what we believe will be the greatest lives of this next great generation.....and we will be satisfied with nothing less!
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