Testimony - Tina Maltsberger

 After I finished talking to my Grandpa, I began to pray and told my whole family to pray. My Dad said I was so confident that Grandpa would be healed. I believed God could heal him.
 My Grandpa went back to the doctor last Friday and there was no sign of cancer. The doctors were astonished. And me, I just cried and thanked God for answering my prayers. Iíll now get to see my Grandpa again.
Iíve been through a lot with my family in my life. A family member molested me for years when I was a kid, which is why I was taken away from my family.
When my mom died two years ago, I hadnít seen my family in almost 10 years. I used to blame them for where I ended up in life, but now I donít. On my momís death bed, I forgave my family, because God forgave me. I feel so free now.
Out of all this pain I caused, what hurt the most was all the pain I brought my boyfriendís family, the people who showed me love for nine years and taught me what family is all about. In the end, I lost all of this, because I loved the needle and drugs more.
My family is being restored. My boyfriend and I are both sober and walking with God. To top it all off, my real Dad, who has been an alcoholic my whole life, has been sober since last February and is getting his relationship back with God and going to church. All this started because I chose to be obedient and do what God wanted me to do.
This all started the day I came into the Discipleship, Christmas Eve, 2010. God is so good. It doesnít matter anymore what anyone thinks of me, what matters is God loves me. Iíve been shown that love from God, but first of all from this church. You loved me back to life. It never mattered where I was from or what Iíve done, you love me.
The old me and my past life are dead, theyíre finished. Iím just so thankful now instead of destroying people and families, I get to lift others up, even if itís just a smile. I love you all so much.
     July 17, 2011
 My Grandpa, who is 83, called me on June 24th, which was my six months here in the Womenís Discipleship, and six months being clean off heroin and other drugs. Iíll never forget that day. Grandpa told me heíd collapsed and found out he had colon cancer. The doctors didnít know how long he had to live. He told me he loved me and just prayed I would be ok if he didnít make it. Grandpa didnít care if the cancer didnít get better. He just wanted to see his youngest granddaughter one more time, and not high.
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